Blogpost: A Song for Xi Jinping

I wrote this poem a few weeks ago in response to reports on Xi Jinping’s growing personality cult. It might not be great poetry but  I think it is a valid commentary on a worrisome political situation.


(March, 2016 – Chinese schoolchildren are encouraged to

sing songs in praise of President Xi Jinping.)


Xi Jinping is a jolly old soul

Whose Party is under his control.

He asks us all to sing a hymn

In praise of the Glorious Leader: Him.


Xi Jinping is a tough old bird

Who loves to have his praises heard

On media of every kind

To touch your heart and blow your mind.


Uncle Xi is not so nice;

He rarely offers chances twice.

His goons pack people off to jail

And extract confessions without fail.


Those folk who do decline to sing

Of the glorious rule of Xi Jingping

Soon find that life is not so great

For those who rock the ship of state.


Do you remember the Helmsman who steered the nation

Onto rocks of turmoil and grim starvation?

You’d think that China would learn to shun

The one-man rule of the Red Rising Sun.


But Xi is channeling Chairman Mao

And his cult of personality now

Daily more oppressive grows,

As every friend of China knows.


Will China ever learn to move

From under the despot’s velvet glove?

Not when schoolchildren are taught to sing

The praises of President Xi Jinping.


— John S. Major